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Rocamadour – vertical standing village in the center of France!

Rocamadour is a village which became a place for pilgrimage for many tourists. It’s not even about magical location of it, but about the chemistry around – the rest depends on it. Everything, from the whole image to details, is filled with some ancient spirits with a bit of nostalgia. Every year

8 Facts About The Grand Canyon You Never Knew

Despite being one of the most famous and most-visited attractions in the United States, Grand Canyon National Park still holds some surprises. Here are a few facts about the Grand Canyon you probably don"t know.

We don"t really know how old it is.

It has long been believed that the

The other side of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

For those who do not know: Rio de Janeiro means River of January, but there is no river in this part of the world! The fact is that the Portuguese made a mistake. They took the bay to be a river.

It does not look like the city of your dream. There are a lot of poor areas in

wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2016

Juliette"s house in Verona

Verona is called gate to the Southern Italy. On its streets guests are welcomed by Romance basilicas and Gothic cathedrals, palaces and a palace of times of the Renaissance, in gardens cypresses densely darken, and over the river Adige the ancient bridges giving to the city imperceptible

czwartek, 21 lipca 2016

Romantic Getaway: Long Weekend in Montréal

Montreal - the oldest city of Canada located in the Province of Quebec, founded by French on the place of the Indian small village. Most of residents of this city, the largest in North America, speak French therefore it is called often the American or the Canadian Paris.

In Montreal two various

The 5 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Netherlands (Holland) - wonderful picturesque country, which is great for sport vacation. It has everything: beautiful landscapes, unique attractions, high quality service and much more. The half of the country’s territory is situated below the sea level. This natural condition is unique there is n